OTR- Over The Radiator

Manufacturer of otr
Manufacturer of otr | Over the radiator

Established in 2006, DuSpeed Driving performance became a reality based on the astute vision of the founder and belief that he could design over the radiator intakes, which serves enhanced driving performance. Today, the company is a regarded as a manufacturer of OTR intakes that improves driving performance based on customized preferences of individual vehicles; moreover maintain its original aesthetic essence. DuSpeed also designs intakes with high functionality wherein a filter is easily detachable without having to remove the OTR from the car.

DuSpeed direct buy price guide

VT-VZ Mafless or Maf Intake in Satin Black, Gloss Black or colour coded to your car $660.00 incl GST
VT-VZ Maf or Mafless in gloss black , matte black or colour coded to your car $660.00 incl GST