Commodore, a popular automobile model manufactured by Holden, an Australian subsidiary of General Motors, was introduced in the market during 1978. The Holden Commodore model replaced Kingwood automobile that has long served in the Australian auto industry since 1968.

Introduced in the market as a single sedan body style, the range for Commodore started expanding in 1979. From the time it was introduced to the masses, Holden Commodore has seen various advancement that can be categorized in generations.

The first generation Commodore includes VB, VC, VH, VK, and VL Commodore. The VT Commodore, a third generation Holden Commodore model, was present from 1997 to 2000. The automobile was based on Opel Omega B, however, the model's width and mechanism were broadened in comparison to the former.

The last model introduced in its third generation was Holden VZ Commodore, which was launched in 2004. Its high performance v6 engine had the capacity to produce 250 horsepower. Next, VE Commodore was introduced, bringing the onset of fourth generation model in the Commodore range. The VE model is the first from the range to be designed independently, rather than being based on the Opel Omega model as in earlier generations.