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DUSPEED® OTRCAI are manufactured to specifications with Power, Performance Responsiveness, and Economy optimisation are at the forefront. All this whilst maintaining a sleek factory finish designed to enhance the aesthetic look of the vehicle and still be capable for those to add customised paint overs to fit in with any colour and/or theme of the car.



DUSPEED® OTRCAI come with plenty of features

Fibreglass - Fibreglass does not distort under high temperatures when correct resin and fibreglass are used. Fibreglass has a higher structural integrity than plastic.
Simple Installation - DuSpeed® OTR is very easy to install and comes with instructions on how to do it.
Filter Removal - DuSpeed® OTR is the ONLY intake that the filter can be removed without taking the OTR off the car.
Filter - Vt-Vz Duspeed intakes use K&N Filters.
Improved Power - The combined effects of the tune and the OTR will give gains of 30-60 KW at the wheels over the standard system and tune.
Colours - DuSpeed® OTR is available in any colour.
Shape - Retains OEM factory shape and gives great performance gains.
Included - All intakes come with all hardware required.
Testing - Intakes are tested under race conditions by TJ Motorsport HDT race cars and Hitech motorsport.
Duspeed OTRCAI will improve your 1/4 mile times by 0.5sec when tuned over the std airbox with a tune.
Holden VE and VF Intakes

"Thanks again Dus, i love em mate!! And the Dyno showed me that just fitting the OTR gained me 20rwkw before the tune, and the tune put another 20 on top of that!!! Your products are fantastic"
Mathew Foggon
" Good work with the OTR. All fitted by Chevs Performance in Victoria. Couldn't be happier with the performance, and amazing fuel economy. All that as well as a neat engine bay"
Michael McLeod


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