Holden, an Australian automobile company, is short for GM Holden Ltd. They are headquartered in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Established back in 1856, Holden was set up as a saddle manufacturer. It was only in 1908, the company shifted to automobile manufacturer profile. Moreover, it was much later in 1931; Holden was acknowledged as a subsidiary of American automotive giant, General Motors.

When the company come under GM's wing, it was called as General Motors-Holden's Ltd, then later during 1998 they converted to its existing name Holden Ltd. The subsidiary is responsible for GM's operations in the Australian automobile market. Holden has a wide range of automobiles, manufactured here locally. Moreover, Holden has even offered a number of badge engineering models in sharing agreements. These include names like Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Opel, Suzuki, Isuzu, and Vauxhall Motors. Currently, GM Korea based automobiles are sold here apart from their Caprice and Commodore vehicles.